gum cuisine kick - kick drum synthesizer

gum cuisine kick

kick drum synthesizer

a revolutionary kick drum synthesizer that offers a fresh take on electronic kick drums. with a fully synthesized voice architecture, this plugin allows you to create unique and exciting kicks.

discover all the sound design tools, that this plugin offers, to create the perfect kick drum for your mix. from acoustic to electronic, from mellow to hard, this kick drum synth does it all!

  • 100+ presets
  • customizable tone section
  • versatile noise section
  • click section for transients
  • body section for punch and rumble
  • resonance section for space and ring
  • drive, fm, random and low pass filter
  • 6 stylish color schemes
  • note in for pitched kick drums
  • VST3, AU and standalone for Mac and PC
demo samples
download demo version
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