gum cuisine metals - synthesized cymbals generator

gum cuisine metals

cymbals generator

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simple yet effective sound design tools allow you to shape your metallic percussions more than ever before. reclaim complete artistic freedom for your hats!

create hi-hats and cymbals like you never did before. gum cuisine metals offers total freedom and a huge range of sounds. these hats are dynamic and fresh, authentic and exciting.

  • 100+ presets
  • customizable metal section
  • versatile noise section
  • click section for transients
  • vovel section for vocal character
  • ring section for more metalic character
  • resonance section for space and ring
  • drive, ring mod and filter
  • 6 stylish color schemes
  • note in for pitched cymbals
  • VST3, AU and standalone for Mac and PC
demo samples
download demo version
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